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What Destroy All Guitars is...

Destroy All Guitars is a collective of boutique guitar luthiers and amp builders led by guitar industry veteran Cliff Cultreri. By banding together under Cliff's representation the DAG collective of builders is able to offer the same pricing as their direct sales but with the benefit of a truly service oriented central sales hub and Cliff's expertise and years of experience in the guitar industry. Cliff is the caretaker of these builders, offering the Destroy All Guitars builders assistance in a myriad of ways, from career management to product development, storefront representation and more.

There are many instruments available here that are not available anywhere else since Cliff works with the collective of builders to develop custom creations, one-offs and entire DAG lines. Additionally, through Destroy All Guitars you can arrange for a custom commission, a unique instrument or amplifier created to your specifications, to be built by select builders.

You may wonder why you should buy through DAG rather than going direct to your luthier or amp builder of choice. The answer is it's basically the same thing, except through DAG you get the expert, super-personalized service of Cliff Cultreri and the knowledge that you've supported the collective. Furthermore, you have the whole collective at your fingertips and all the one of a kind creations that are exclusive to DAG. Destroy All Guitars is here to make your guitar or amp buying experience a well informed, smooth and enjoyable one, while making it possible for many builders in the collective to bring you special instruments that one can find only here.


It is DAG's strict policy to sell at the manufacturer's minimum direct price with no hidden costs anywhere. All price quotes are direct from the builder so you get the benefit of DAG's experience and help at no extra cost to you.

Destroy All Guitars keeps a huge inventory of guitars ready to ship and also serves as a direct sales and marketing arm for all whose products we represent. We work directly with each manufacturer and intimately with each customer.
We also, with select manufacturers, are involved in the R&D and design of new products as well as the re-design of older products. We have many co-branded guitars and amps in the market as a testament to this and we will continue to have more as time goes by.

The boutique guitar renaissance...

We live in a golden age where incredible new guitars and amps are emerging all the time. Custom hand-made instruments and amplifiers and their builders are the elusive gold mine among the mass produced products and the companies whose names they bear. There has always been an underground of boutique guitar and amp builders out there but in the last ten years interest has grown immensely and we are experiencing what could be called a boutique guitar renaissance.

Cliff works with you as your personal guide on your quest for your next guitar, amp or complete rig. He is the matchmaker, your personal guide on your quest for the tones that will inspire you and motivate you to reach new heights and push the musical envelope. He will direct you to the guitars and amps that destroy them all...

About Cliff Cultreri...

Cliff brings to the table 30 years of music industry experience, during which he was responsible for producing and executive producing primarily guitar-driven music. Cliff was responsible for signing and executive producing such artists as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Alan Holdsworth, Peter Frampton, Warren Haynes and GOV'T Mule, Steve Howe, John McLaughlin, Scott Henderson, Slash's Snakepit, Opeth, Megadeath, C.O.C., Exodus, Anthrax, Slayer, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Our Lady Peace, and too many more to mention. During that time, projects involving Cliff received 18 Grammy Nominations and 27 Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum awards. Cliff was also privileged to work alongside of some of the greatest producers in rock history such as Glyn Johns (The Who, Rolling Stones), Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin), Jim Gaines (Stevie Ray Vaughan), Butch Vig (Nirvana), Bob Rock (Metallica), etc... He has been recording guitar driven rock records since 1975 and has thus gathered a wealth of knowledge in that arena. It is this knowledge that he brings to the table to share with all who work with him at DestroyAllGuitars.