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Milkman Sound builds high quality guitar and pedal steel amplifiers using the finest quality components available. A perfect balance of vintage components and re-imagined circuits, Milkman Sound amplifiers sound amazing and are built for life.

About Tim Marcus
Tim Marcus is a professional musician in the San Francisco bay area. He plays steel guitar and 6 string guitar and designs the Milkman amplifiers based on his own needs as a musician. There is no perfect amplifier for everyone, but Tim aims to make the Milkman amplifiers the best amplfier for any musician whether you are a steel player, a sideman who plays steel and guitar, or a 6 string player looking for a reliable and versitile amplifier that sounds great.

Tim is very passionate about building tube amplifiers and he tries to road test as many amplifiers as he can before they ship. Milkman Sound is a small operation where quality control is very high. Tim hand selects from an assortment of vintage components and tunes each amp to the needs of each customer. His obsession with perfection translates into tone and reliability.

What makes a Milkman different?
Tim Marcus is a one man shop, and he builds every amp from scratch. There is no production line. No helpers. No intern holding a soldering iron… or not holding one. Each amp is built from start to finish one at a time by Tim. This process matters a lot to him because he likes each amp to have its own character – no two amps will be exactly the same, even though they are all the finest possible quality. There are no color codes, no pre-made assemblies – every single thing is done by Tim. (Control issues anyone?)

Tim only uses the best components available. He also hand selects each component from their bins, and tests each one prior to installation. His amps are not assembled by one person and tested by another – every step is deliberate.

Milkman amps have the advantage of being time tested. Tim only offers a few amp models because he wants to guarantee that they are completely free of design flaws, faulty parts, oscillations and noise – these are all things that can plague a tube amp over time. The Milkman amp models have been meticulously road tested by Tim and other professional musicians to ensure their perfection.