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Prisma Corvina

Prisma Corvina

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Prisma Guitars creates one-of-a-kind guitars made from the wood of used and broken skateboards. Each guitar is handcrafted in San Francisco and each has a unique pattern that creates a "tie-dye" style effect...


The worlds of rock music and skateboarding aren't that far apart, but they are truly combined in the form of these Prisma skateboard guitars. Built using wood from broken and used skateboards, each guitar is legitimately one of a kind. The beautiful instruments use anywhere between 4 and 44 skateboards before they are completed by Nick Pourfard, the 23 year old self-taught woodworker with an industrial design background who creates each one from scratch.

Each Prisma guitar is handcrafted in San Francisco, CA. Once the material is worked with, the guitar's color pattern emerges. This pattern is uncontrollable and creates a "tie-dye" style effect that is truly unique to every individual build. And since skateboards are fashioned from famed tonewood hard rock maple they are a perfect source material for guitars.

Prisma guitars are loaded with hand-wound McNelly pickups of all kinds, have a 25.5" scale and are finished with a clear gloss nitrocellulose. Congratulations to Nick Pourfard, who has found a brilliant way to transform old skateboards, that would otherwise end up in landfills, into guitars with a level of soul that has captured the attention of guitar enthusiasts worldwide.


- 25.5" scale
- 1 5/8" nut
- 6105 fret wire
- Mahogany neck/rosewood board

- One piece mahogany back
- Logo branded Mastery bridge
- David Allen Dirty Cat pickups
- Emerson pots and cap


- $3,375.00