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Caparison Logo

"Searching for Sound by Exploring Intelligent Design"... Tone; an obsession, the tireless search for perfection. Design; the conception, realisation and expression. Craftsmanship; the idea embodied.

These are among the basic concepts of Caparison Guitars design. Design is not only when the pen meets paper, but also the selection of woods, choice of pickups, application of finishes and every component, no matter the size. The total package is everything; stability, tone, playability, reliability and aesthetics. Caparison wants to build you an instrument that, from the hand-applied colours, to the unique fingerboard inlays, feels like it was made specifically for you.

Every guitar is made and assembled by craftsmen of the highest skill level, exacting the highest level of quality control. Whether built for an endorsed artists or for you, each guitar goes through the same hands and rigorous quality process at each step of its progression. Simply put, when you pick up your Caparison, you can rest assured that you are playing the best and are a part of an elite group, a family. The Caparison Family. Welcome home.

Neck Design
The fingerboard radius on Caparison guitars is a conical 350mm from the nut (now GraphTech Black TUSQ standard on FX models, Schaller or Floyd Rose locking nut on Tremolo models) to a flatter 400mm. The standard neck profile is a soft, shallow “C” shape that flattens into a “D” shape. The iconic “Devil’s Tail” headstock completes the guitar (except the Angelus model) for a unique and sensual look. Comfort and playability realised.

Pickups, Wiring and Electronics
Each Caparison instrument is cleanly and precisely hand-wired with the highest quality components; CTS Pots (now standard), Schaller Mega-Switches and Switchcraft toggles with Lead-free solder. Control cavities are kept clean and well-organised; no detail is too small. Caparison-designed pickups are one of the principal components responsible for creating the distinctive character of their electric guitars. Each pickup is developed and tested painstakingly, in conjunction with different amplifiers, environments and recording setups to develop a specific character for each model (except with optional EMG pickups). Unique must have its own voice and with Caparison Designed pickups, it will do exactly that.