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Valery Vaschenko has been making guitars for over 20 years now. He lives outside of Novopolotsk, Belarus. Vaschenko started work in the engineering field back in the Soviet era and began playing the guitar at an early age. While he was working at a Soviet space vehicle plant, his friends would bring their stringed instruments to him to repair. Soon, Vaschenko was repairing instruments so much that he began doing it full time. He then started to build guitars for people who asked him to make instruments for them. At one point, he was a professional musician while he was doing instrument repair work before making guitars became a full time passion.

Vaschenko makes all of his guitars in the tradition of the guitars made in the '50s. He uses similar techniques and materials as the old masters to create his guitars, yet he has implemented new ideas into his instruments. Vaschenko has created a “2-way” single rod truss rod system that moves the neck in both directions while preserving the integrity of the neck. He does all of his detail work by hand and the results speak for themselves.

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