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Aracom is a small "boutique" amplifier company that specializes in old school handwired power attenuators and all tube guitar amplifiers. Their amplifier products feature premium components, hand soldered onto their custom designed turret boards, handwired into a specially designed chassis using transformers custom wound to their vintage specifications. They have a large collection of vintage amplifiers that they use as models for their custom amplifiers. All of this adds up to sonically rich and versatile amps.

Everyone involved at ARACOM Amplifiers is a guitarist. Like most guitarists, over the years the Aracom team has played a number of guitars and amps that have now become famous vintage collector pieces. The incredible tone produced by some of these vintage amplifiers is used as a sonic benchmark for products. The Aracom team\'s passion for playing, collecting vintage gear and their quest for ultimate tone is the same passion that goes into every amplifier they make.

ARACOM was founded in 1996 and is a well established company that is located in Northern California’s Silicon Valley “the High Tech Capital of the World.” ARACOM Amplifier products have to sold to guitarist in over 25 countries.