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Louis Electric is a boutique maker of some of the finest hand-wired guitar amplifiers available today. Based in Bergenfield, New Jersey, Louis Electric has been building amplifiers for over 17 years and has worked with the artists such as Keith Richards, John Fogerty, Danny Gatton, Hubert Sumlin, Warren Haynes, Jorma Kaukonen, Duke Robillard, Robben Ford and so many others.

Louis Rosano started out building Tweed Twins back in 1992. He has always had a deep respect for the design principals and manufacturing practices of Leo Fender & Jim Marshall. Having spent so much time working inside their incredible inventions, has given Louis a good deal of insight on how a great guitar amplifier is built.

The Louis Electric line of amps delivers a combination of Louis’s experience with more than a little bit of his own soul in the mix. He has created a line of amps that he believes stand up to what he calls the six requirements of Louis Electric Guitar Amplification...

Tone Quality Functionality Aesthetics Value Reliability

Louis doesn't make false promises that these amplifiers are for every guitar player under the sun. But, he does stand behind the commitment that every amp he builds will allow each player to find their Truest Tone. Louis Electric amplifiers are for guitar players who feel that their tone makes a statement in the same way their notes and chords do. The accurate response of finger or slide to fretboard, and pick to string in order to get at what's real in their playing; that's Truest Tone, and that is what Louis helps each of his customers achieve.

The Louis Electric staff is comprised of musicians, technicians, electrical and magnetics engineers and speaker designers. They offer the customer custom design amplifiers to your specifications and desires.

What do you want to hear? alnico or ceramic 12" 50s 60s 70s sound, ultra clean, break up? You’ll find it through Louis Electric.

The signature sound of all Louis Electric amps comes from Lou’s passion for mid-to late-50s tweeds and early plexis. But that’s not where Louis Electric’s sonic signature ends. Through the production and use of the hand picked components, as well as the ear-tuning and testing of each Louis Electric amplifier, Louis Electric is dedicated to taking those early sounds and bringing them to the present. Warmth, clarity, responsiveness and seemingly unlimited headroom: this is the sonic signature of a Louis Electric amplifier.