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Glaswerks is a family run business residing in sunny Mesa, Arizona. Originally known as HRT Sound Products, Glaswerks began as a way to feed the owners' need for unique PA and guitar amplification systems. At the request of several local musicians, Glaswerks made a limited run of the original Super Overdrive prototype amps and then in 2004, at the request of Scott Lerner, they built a custom Super Overdrive amp with a feature set that, to this day, is unequaled. Over the next year and half, Scott and Glaswerks' designer Gary Johnson worked closely, doing extensive research and development and implementing dozens of major design changes to the original prototype. Driven by a no compromise, perfectionist attention to detail, Glaswerks evolved into something quite unique and special.

In 2005, Glaswerks began offering amps to the general public that were based around the evolutionary result of Scott's prototype mule amp. Always listening to the input of their customers, Glaswerks continues to refine and hone the circuit in a never ending pursuit of the ultimate in tonal bliss. Their amps are built in limited numbers using the time honored techniques of vintage amp builders. All amps (except the Zingaro which is PCB with flying leads) use a combination of eyelet and PCB construction along with premium parts that are chosen for both their quality and their tonal impact.