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Tex is one of the greatest new amp lines available. Founder Tony Teixeira's brilliant sense of musicality and deep knowledge in electronics has enabled him to produce these fantastic modern classics, the "Texosound" amps.

Tony Teixeira's strengths, in large part, are exhibited by the rich harmonic overtones, chime and overdrive produced by the classic British EL84 output tubes used in his amps, especially when driven by the fiery combination of EF86 and ECC83 preamp tubes. The Tex amps certainly take their cue from the famous Vox AC15 circuit, but they go far beyond in each and every direction from clean to scream. You’d be hard pressed to find any of today’s cutting edge alternative rock and experimental pop bands without a Tex amp or two in their stage and studio collection.

Tex Amps prove that great things often do come in small packages. These small pieces of art have a massive, majestic tone that is nothing short of inspiring. Plug in and you’ll see why Tex Amps hold a distinguished position amongst the finest amps in the world.