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Gariel Currie of Echopark Guitars is your go-to guy if you are seeking a handmade instrument that bleeds soul and oozes tone. Each and every instrument that is created by Gabriel Currie for Echopark Guitars® is the product of a deeply bred lineage of craftsmanship.

Now Gabriel has brought that same super-vibey approach that has worked so well for his guitars and brought it to the world of amplifiers. All Echopark® amplifiers are constructed with the following:
- Cabinets: hand selected 1" solid #1 KD douglas fir
- Covering: custom "trout" levant
- Speaker baffle: select 1/2" 9-ply Baltic birch
- Grillcloth: limited supply NOS "buckwheat"
- Chasis: mil spec aircraft grade aluminum
- Electrolytics: F&T, Sprague and JJ
- Signal capacitors: Sozo, Sprague & Mallory
- Resistoras: Vishay csarbon film, Ohmite metal film & Allen Bradley carbon composition
- Pots: CTS & Alpha
- Transformers: Mercury Magnetics & Magnetic Components
- Connectors: Switchcraft, Cliff & Neutrik
- Sockets: Omiron & Belton
- Vacuum tubes: Mullard, Tung-Sol, Sovtek & Electro-Harmonix
- Premium Value Upgrade: hand selected KAN NOS by Philps, RCA, GE and Sylvania
- Speakers: custom spec Echopark/WGS
- 100% hand-wired with Gravitt loth wiring
- Featuring NOS mil spec indicator lamps