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Bigtone Custom Amplification was born in Valencia (Spain) in 2009 as a partnership between José Manuel Torrelo and Octavio Valero. Each of them has more than 15 years of experience in the guitar amplifier world as players, electronics engineers and dealers of top notch brands. With all that experience and such a complete view of the guitar amplifier market they decided to start a new amplifier company devoted to giving customers everything they could need and expect from a tube amplifier in both terms of tone and looks.

"A pleasure to play!" - Ludovico Vagnone

"Bigtone is a dream come true, even living twice I wouldn't have enough time to thank them" - Carlos Goñi

"There's no better name to define these amps... BIGTONE!!! The sound I've been looking for a long time!!! - Javi Arpa

"My Studio Plex mkII totally changed the way I conceived of tone. I've played it in studio and live situations, and it kicks major ass!" - Guillermo Guerrero.