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Mezzabarba Custom Amplification

Founded in 1998 in the Etruscan town of Farnese, Italy, between Latium and Tuscany, Masotti Guitar Devices and its high-end brand Mezzabarba Custom Amplification have become reference points for rockers in Italy, Europe and around the world. Based on 100% original R&D and entirely hand-crafted in Italy, these amps are the fruit of a tireless obsession. They finally define a new amp personality and bring about a contemporary feel in what has become a monotonous world split between established industry leaders and me-too amps.

Mezzabarba amps are full-tube, hand made and 100% hand wired distillates of 60 years of guitar amplification history, brewed with 21st century capabilities.

Based on essential, ingenious proprietary schematics and a strict no-compromise build quality that is reminiscent of true vintage amps, these machines simply sound, feel, and look different from anything else out there.

The signature Mezzabarba tone is chiseled and harmonically consistent at any gain setting. Thanks to their disruptively engineered preamp section, these amps have an unparalleled ability to instantly respond to any nuance in the picking intensity, delivering an incredible array of saturated overtones that can range from crunch to lead, without the need to adjust the gain control.

ARTISTS ENDORSED BY MEZZABARBA: Howie Simon/Alcatrazz, Joel Hoekstra/WhiteSnake, Doug Rappoport/Edgar Winter, Ike Willis/Frank Zappa, JP Cervoni/Buddy Miles-The Babys.