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Gladius Amplifiers

Gladius amps have reached a status similar to Dumble or maybe even Trainwreck amps, which presently are considered to be some of the most expensive and most wanted amps worldwide. Owner Adrian Socnik pursues the idea of reproducing the old amps in a way which meets the high requirements of the present time; enough gain and compression, long sustain, and quick response without harsh frequencies, and with the world's best power reduction!

As already recognized by Ken Fischer or Alexander Dumble, the tone of an amp is, to a very high degree, heavily dependant upon the quality of the output transformers, which even today are still handmade by specialists using paper-insulation in order to achieve an extremely fast and airy tone. Similar to the technicians of AC/DC, Gladius uses US-made transformers.

Like with all boutique amps, every single tube is selected painstakingly (differences between tubes of the same make are sufficiently known and can be dramatic).

Last but not least, there is the brilliant power reduction, made famous by Eddie Van Halen in the eighties (the Variac power transformer). There are few, if any, manufacturers who build amps that have the original old Plexi tone at a volume level of 0.1 watt!