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Fat Jimmy Amplifiers

Taking the evolution of vintage circuits to the next level.

Mike Pascale of Fat Jimmy Amplifiers founded Vintage Fender Amp Repair over 10 years ago. Fueled by the passion for playing vintage Fenders live on the road, his constant quest for better tone (along with the consequential need to keep his gear in working condition), he started delving into the inner workings of these mythical amplifiers to discover what really makes them tick. After servicing hundreds and hundreds of vintage Fender amps, dozens of those "holy grail" tweed, brown, and blackface tone monsters would come across the bench. When these magical "voodoo" amps would present themselves, he would seize the opportunity and analyze these circuits. He began to see the patterns – where the natural drift of specific parts was surprisingly consistent in these remarkable specimens. Mike began to intentionally incorporate this drift into his Fat Jimmy builds using selected NOS components. The result? Every Fat Jimmy amplifier sounds like that holy grail/one in a million vintage tone machine!

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