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Lazy J J40

Lazy J J40
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Even though the initial inspiration for the J 40 came from a custom order for half a J 80 (both in size and power level), it quickly evolved into the perfect platform for an amp that could combine the essence of both the J20 and the J80...


There are Tweeds and then there are TWEEDS and the Lazy J lineup without a doubt, represents simply the most incredible take on a vintage tweed ever produced. The tones, from the most pristine cleans through to the most harmonically beautiful and complex overdrive will take your breath away and keep you mesmerized. There is a good reason why Townshend, Beck, Clapton, Gilmour, Bonamassa, Nalle Colt of Vintage Trouble and so many other greats have chosen the Lazy J as their main stage and recording amps. Once you plug in and play you’ll understand. There are very few amps that can provide the responsiveness and touch sensitivity that the Lazy Js produce. Set the amp for the wildest screaming overdrive, dial your guitar’s volume down to 7 and you have a beautiful singing clean tone without even a hint of dirt.

The Lazy J amps possess the very essence of classic blues, and the soul of classic rock n roll. From the most beautiful punchy clean tones to raunchy tweed grit through to singing, soaring notes with infinite bloom and sustain, the Lazy J is the perfect desert island amp.

"I’m hooked, and that is why I had to bring Lazy J here to America for all to enjoy." - Cliff

Destroy All Guitars is the exclusive dealer for Lazy J in North America.


Lazy J J40

Even though the initial inspiration for the J 40 came from a custom order for half a J 80 (both in size and power level), it quickly evolved into the perfect platform for an amp that could combine the essence of both the J20 and the J80. The goal was to build a 40 watt amp that would blend the harmonic richness of the J20 with the punch and warm headroom of the J 80, all in a handy 1x12 grab and go package.

The J 40 is hand wired, with a finger jointed, solid pine cab and, just like the J 20 and J 80, it has four inputs; two (high/Low) for the bright channel, and two for the normal channel, with a separate volume control for each channel. The channels mix after the volume controls and the signal then runs into a single set of tone controls; treble, mid, bass, and presence. There are several switchable options to help achieve a terrific tonal and dynamic flexibility. Like on the J80, there’s a sensitivity control that adds harmonics and drive; it allows the amp to accommodate a great variety of requirements. Combining all of these options, the J40 can be big and clean, reminiscent of the Blackface era, or it can be thick and warm like the best of the Tweeds. The J 40 is available with the optional Lazy J Reverb and Tremolo modules.


Variable Attenuation Control (VAC)
This circuit allows the user to reduce the output of the amp in an even sweep from full power down to less than 5 watts. However, this is not a master volume. This circuit retains the amp's tone and response while reducing its output volume. In other words, you turn your amp up to get the tone you want… which might make it too loud for certain situations. Now you can turn the amp down with the VAC to exactly the level you need while retaining all the character and response of your sound. This circuit is an optional feature on the Lazy J 20, however, it can be retro-fitted to most amps under 40 Watts.


Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Nalle Colt (Vintage Trouble), David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Pete Townshend, Joe Walsh, Steve Winwood.

Richard Ashcroft, Jeff Beck, Sam Beer, Bleech, Joe Bonamassa, Doyle Bramhall 2 (Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Arc Angels, David Gilmour, etc.), Dom Brown (Duran Duran), Dylan Burns (The Bodyrockers), Bernard Butler, Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Eric Clapton, Nalle Colt (Vintage Trouble), Alan Darby (Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Queen, Van Morrison, etc...), Gwyn Garfield Davies, Al Duncan, Lu Edmonds (Billy Bragg and the blokes, P.I.L., etc.), Olivier Elen (Gentlemen of Verona), Audley Freed, Noel Gallagher, David Gilmour, Dennis Greaves (Nine below zero), Mark Griffiths (The Shadows), Gary Hooker (Brad Paisley), Neil Ivison (The Misers), Jonas Jalhay (Rita Ora, Them is me, The Saturdays, I blame Coco, etc.), Simon Johnson, Gary Kemp, Mark Knopfler, The Kooks, Robbie McIntosh, The Magic Numbers, Ray Majors, Scott McKeon, John Parricceli, Adam Phillips, P.I.L., Luke Potashnick, Razorlight, Paul Sayer, Ivor Sims (Saint Jude), Dan Smith (The Noisettes), Whit Smith (The Hotclub of Cowtown), Jeremy Stacey, Paul Stacey, Dan Steinhardt, The Temperance Movement, Pete Townshend, Rafael Villafane (Royer Mics, Baby'O Music), Joe Walsh, Paul Weller, Steve Winwood.


- J40 1x12, Tweed w/ Gold & Brown Grill: $4,350.00

The above price is with the amp fully loaded (Reverb unit, Trem unit, VAC and footpedal to control Reverb and Trem).