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Glaswerks Super Overdrive II

Glaswerks Super Overdrive II
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This amp takes everything learned from the Super Overdrive and refines it...


This amp takes everything learned from the Super Overdrive and refines it.

Cliff at Destroy All Guitars wants to give a very special mention to the Glaswerks SOD II, DAG’s top pick of all modern, full featured, multi-channel amps. If you’re looking for that elusive “D” tone, plus lots more, you need not look any further!

In staying true to our policy of offering our clientele only what we believe to be the absolute finest, it’s with great honor that we now offer the magnificent line of Glaswerks amplifiers.

Glaswerks Amplification, the brainchild of Gary Johnson, a company whose products have been greatly admired by Destroy All Guitars since their inception, has given us at DAG great cause for celebration by choosing us as their international online partner in regard to the marketing and sales of their magnificent creations.

Their amp models range from the economical and portable Zingaro to the more feature laden Overdrive Deluxe, on through to the mothership of all “D” style multi-channel amps, the Super Overdrive II whose options allow you to replicate the voicing of most all the great documented “D” style amps of the past as well as allowing one to explore endless new frontiers.

- Independent OD channels with all controls on the front panel.
- OD non-stack controls: drive, OD volume, adjustable hit cut control (can be bypassed) and unique Vari Bass control that allows for "tweaking" the bass content of the non-stack mode. Rear mounted trim control for non-stack channel.
- OD stack channel has drive, OD volume, treble, middle and bass controls, and rear mounted trim control
- New no-load reverb circuit featuring dual reverb controls, one for clean mode and one for OD mode. The reverb can be totally switched out of the circuit.
- Buffered effects loop, tube driven, can be totally bypassed by rear panel switch.
- Non-buffered insert jacks on the back of the amp allow for use of external active loops.
- 5 button footswitch: Clean/OD switch, tone stack boost, OD select (stack or non-stack channel), mid boost and loop control.


- 100W SOD II Dealer Standard, Black w/ Salt n Pepper Grill: $4,480.20