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Dean Gordon Guitars

Due to Dean Gordon's great skill, luck and vision you can now not only own a masterbuilt Tele style guitar by one of the best luthiers alive today but also a remarkable piece of history made using wood as precious, resonant and spirited as the century it came from. Welcome to the supremely bespoke Chelsea Hotelecaster.

Dean Gordon started playing guitar at the age of fourteen and in short time began reading about building and repairing the instruments. Within the first year of tinkering he made his first guitar and began to pursue knowledge in lutherie more aggressively. At sixteen years old Dean served apprenticeships with two well known New York luthiers. These apprenticeships inspired Dean to take his new born skill to an entirely new level.

At eighteen years old Dean designed and built the very first Dean Gordon Guitar and launched Dean Gordon Guitars on June 7th, 2012. During this time he nabbed an awesome job at the legendary Chelsea Guitars and became close with his lutherie mentors and good friends at Craig Pederson guitars and Eric Smitty guitars. Dean's goal is not just to make a guitar that looks different but one that holds all the tradition and feel of the classics with a modern and sculpted twist.