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Beardsel Guitars

Al Beardsell is a guitarmaker who thinks differently (so you don't have to).

Whether it's a hand-crafted individually cast tail piece, hand-wound pick up, side ports with sliding doors, or multi-scale fan frets, every Beardsell is unique. What gives these guitars their singular tone -- so remarkably, room-slayingly loud; so rich, so complex and tasty -- is actually the same thing that makes them straight up the most comfortable guitars you'll ever play.

It all goes back to Al's original napkin sketch of the signature 4G body style: The lower bout was larger, but the bridge was positioned further back, taking maximum vibrational advantage of the larger surface area, while at the same time effectively moving the neck and headstock closer to the player.

The end result is a guitar that actually feels more comfortable to play than a small-body, but has more sonic projection and complex tonality than an uncomfortably portly axe. It's Al-chemy, dude!

Beardsell guitars are built one-at-a-time by the hands of an innovative master luthier -- himself trained by masters -- who's been operating in the upper echelon of the handmade guitar world for years. He's got the street cred to back it up, too: with glowing profiles in Acoustic Guitar Magazine and The Fretboard Journal, and a growing list of satisfied customers that includes folk-punk darlings The Weakerthans, contemporary jazz luminary Henry Kaiser, and the legendary Lou Reed, among others. (He's also a heck of a nice guy.)

"All the experimental things worked; together, they did something amazing! Side ports, asymmetrical neck, unusual top hole, radial bracing on the back, laminated wood, strange peghead, armrest — they were all in service to the sound and the playability, all about my interaction with the instrument." -- Henry Kaiser, Fretboard Journal

"It's hard to find the words. Yes, it's a work of art. The wood, the detail, the finish, all gorgeous. The asymmetrical neck section is super comfortable; plays like a dream, very comfortable. It's light weight and resonant and the sound is orchestral." -- Michael Forbes, musician and owner of a custom Beardsell guitar