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Zagler Guitars

Paul Martin Zagler was born in 1965 and since his early years he loved music and wood. He studied carpentry and went on to gain 25 years of professional woodworking experience, but also, Paul studied music and graduated from The Gustav-Mahler-Conservatorium in Vienna. For years he composed, sang and played music with his own band, The Paul Zagler Band. He built his first guitar at the age of 14 and from that point on his knowledge grew in the materials and techniques of building and working with guitars.

In 2010 Paul decided to become self-employed as a luthier in his own one-man-workshop, where he produced electric guitars and basses for inividual customers. The wood he uses has been partly stored for 20 years as well as using local wood felled after the right moonlight and air dried. He builds his guitars mostly by hand using only few machines to help, and he winds the pick-ups himself. The customers of Paul Zagler are mostly well known, hard working international musicians. One of the finest hard working guitarists, Mr. Warren Haynes, plays a Zagler-custom ES335 style guitar made from a magnificent board of purpleheart. Warren so greatly appreciates Paul's work as do the many others who are lucky enough to own and play his magnificent creations.