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Lava Drops Custom Instruments

Lava Drops was founded on the principle of cross pollination between the fields of acoustics and modern instrument design concepts crafted using ultra-authentic materials: black amber, aircraft aluminum, bell brass, exotic hardwoods, titanium, silver, gold, stiffened volcanic lava, etc. Lava Drops electric guitars is the immersive result of inspiration from nature combined with cutting edge technologies.

These guitars are made via an exclusive technological process. Every Lava Drops instrument is molded as a unique sculptural piece with artistic care and vision that has a value to it and adds to your stage presence. Each guitar has a vivid work-of-art personality compared to conveyor belt replicas. Combined with avante-garde technological know-how these instruments are capable of advancing instinctive originality. They provide clarity in their prolonged notes along with subtler degrees of tonal character.

Lava Drops guitars are shaped after actual physical drops to give some tangible ergonomic enhancement for a player to benefit from. The elegantly streamlined forms of the slim guitar body provide functional benefits for the musician. Guitar bodies that smoothly nestle like a cat on a lap. Gold and black details and ebony fingerboards remind of those timeless lava flows set in stone. Aviation grade aluminum alloy sparkles in contrast to matte volcanic rock inlays on the guitar neck. All that multiplied by master luthier care and craftsmanship and transform the instrument into a collector's piece.

Rapolas Grazys is a founder and creator of Lava Drops instruments. As a product/industrial designer and musician he is always inspired by the future of design. His roots are deeply in the contemporary art scene as he was born in a well know artist family in Lithuania. Rapolas graduated with BA and MA degrees in product design at Vilnius Academy of Arts and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His personal influences are taken from nature and inspired by modern technologies with a twist of organic natural forms and natural materials.

According to Rapolas, "Lava Drops was born amid my continuous explorations of the undiscovered synthesis of nature and its vibrations; from exquisite maple and ebony wood to millennia-old amber, volcanic rocks, precious metals and even meteorites from the atmosphere. All these natural elements are fused and shaped in a well-balanced "drop" – an elegant art piece which resonates with the warmth of wood, solidity of rock, and sonority of metal."