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This is George Metropoulos' personal outlet for his obsessive nature regarding all aspects of vintage Marshall amps and their tone. The catalyst for this venture was the idea that he could leave his real plexis safely at home and take something to gigs equally great sounding but more easily replaceable if something were to happen. The only problem with this approach was that nothing lived up to the tone, vibe, feel or dynamics of the real plexis. Certainly not any of the reissue Marshall offerings. That left only one option: scrutinize every component, every detail, every idiosyncrasy, every wind of every transformer on the old ones to see first of all, what makes them do what they do, and secondly, how can it be replicated. So that's what he did. Dissecting his own and a few loaners over many years, taking full DNA samples of each and documenting each parameter.

Forward to today and that has all coalesced into a line of replica amplifiers that are authentic at all cost and second to none. These are accurate recreations of the best 60's Marshalls. Having studied the evolution of the 100 watt Marshall specifically, it was clear that each transitional version between '65 and '70 did something unique, something that had to be duplicated. Using his own '66 45/100, '67 Superlead, '69 Superbass and '70 Superlead as the templates, each important era of 100 watt amp are now available in custom built one at a time labor of love. Each component in each amp is selected specifically for actual value (they often drifted considerably in vintage amps), type and era correctness. Proprietary transformers are made to exacting specifications with authentic materials - even the steel and copper are adjusted for 60's era performance and tone. Many parts are manufactured exclusively by Metropoulos to exact original specs.

Whether it's a '65 era JTM 45 (the GPM 45) a '66 era 45/100 like Jimi used at Monterrey (the 45/100 block end), a '67 era Superlead (the 10,000 Series) or an early '68 Superlead a la EVH (the 12,000 Series), Metropoulos has your classic Marshall tones covered. 50 watts and Bass variations available as well.

These are amps you can't create from schematics and data sheets. You can't even buy a replica this true in music stores, no production amp incorporates this level of detail...or, in a word: obsession. You'll hear it immediately, you'll feel it deeply and your playing will respond sub-consciously. The final word in a plexi replica: Metropoulos.