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Leo Lospennato has been building guitars for 30+ years. Based in Germany, he shares a place of honor among the avant-garde of the contemporary European luthiers, focused on uncompromised quality and aesthetics that transcend the same old shapes that have been around for decades. Author of the most important book on electric guitar design, Leo explores the interaction between form, function, tradition, and innovation, to create new classics for the times to come.

Each guitar built by Leo Lospennato is designed to qualify as a world class instrument across the board: tonewoods, playability, beauty, tone, and innovation. The RadioStar is his most popular model, a beautiful guitar with retro-futuristic style. It looks as if it was designed in the 1960s by some crazy scientist who tried to anticipate the shape and sound of a 21st century instrument. The RadioStar was featured in Bob Shaw’s book “Electrified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar” as one the instruments most representative of today.

A Lospennato guitar is made only with the best tonewoods available (FCS certified). Each detail of these guitars represents a deliberate improvement over traditional commercial brands. Handmade in Germany by Leo Lospennato himself, these works combine art and engineering into a task that demands months of patient and dedicated work. No "custom shop" versions here: each guitar that leaves Leo's atelier is a professional piece of musical weaponry. The standard finish (applied in a specialized workshop in Germany) is a thick, resistant, hi-gloss polyester lacquer that makes it look as if the guitar was dipped in liquid glass.

This is where the pleasant surprises happen—those little things that you don't find in other instruments but which make for an enhanced playing experience: Perfect intonation, thanks to hand-sculpted, compensated bone nuts; from the cleanest tone to blues, rock, and metal, all sounds are at your fingertips by means of an on-board distortion with true by-pass; better finger reach and comfortable thumb support thanks to a subtle, almost imperceptible asymmetry in the neck profile.