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Tandler Guitars

Born in 1965 near Frankfurt in Germany Jörg Tandler grew up with blues, rock ‘n roll and jazz music. His career as a woodworker started early helping out in his uncle's carpenter workshop. At the age of 14 he started to play guitar and like so many others was never satisfied with the guitar he had. So he started to build his first Strat style guitar while still in school.

Jörg started his career as a professional luthier in the mid 1980s at the Hoyer guitar factory in Erlangen Germany (established 1874) building and repairing electric and acoustic guitars with luthiers Walter Krahl and Hans Herb as teachers. At Hoyer, Jörg became accustomed to serving clients like Stanley Clark, Karat, Destruction, Hanssche Weiss and many others.

When Hoyer closed down Jörg started working at Schack Guitars mainly building bass guitars and also doing custom work for various artists like Kai Eckhard Karpeh (John Mc Laughlin). After five and a half years Jörg wanted to expand his knowledge and went to work for Hanika Guitars making classic Spanish guitars before starting his own business in 1994.

Under the brand name Morgaine Guitars Jörg started a line of 'modern vintage' classics including Strat style, LP style, Tele style and a couple of original models like the Austin Rocker guitar and his Krahl model which were made in batches of 5 and quickly gained the attention of a broader audience worldwide.

In 1996 Tandler won the gold medal as Best German Master Luthier for his master exam.

In 2005, as the demand for custom order guitars grew Jörg changed the brand name to 'Tandler Guitars,' and focused on making only one instrument at a time, a process which he continues to date.

Currently, besides his solidbody electrics Jörg also makes acoustic and archtop guitars emphasizing new techniques like double tops and carbon fiber reinforcements.