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Macmull Guitars

The Macmull Guitar company is the result of 3 masterminds who decided to join forces to bring a new approach to the guitar-making world. Founder and co-owner Tal Macmull is a master luthier who has been creating and building exclusive, custom electric and acoustic guitars in the private market for more than 15 years. Second co-owner and founder is Amit R. Sadras, an elite guitarist, sound engineer, and talented producer. Sharon Levi joined them as a professional guitar player known for his magic touch and sound.

The company took a year hiatus in 2015 to study and research with one goal in mind: to create classic models that truly sound vintage. Together, they developed the RVT system (Real Vintage Tone). To complete this, old vintage guitars were heavily analyzed, including the relationship parameters between different parts of the guitars. While most vintage guitars tested had great vibes to them, some of them sounded superior while some sounded dull and unmusical. That led to the conclusion that the RVT system had to include a way of making all guitars superior in sound.

The Macmull team came up with a matching system that ensures that every guitar will be consistent, with a true dry sound and rich mids often associated with vintage guitars. All pickups are made using only the highest-grade materials with vintage specs only. Finally, each guitar gets its own set of pickups to support the specific tonal character of the wood.

Above all else at the Macmull Guitar Company stands the love and labor for each guitar, the great responsibility they feel to produce a great product, and unrelenting attention to detail. Sometimes, an expensive piece of old wood just doesn't "want" to turn into a guitar, and the Macmull team will put it aside humbly, even after slaving on it for weeks.

The headstock of the Macmull guitar company is made out of respect to the original makers of the classic models, but also represents and incorporates the different approach they took. It is a promise to you, that when you try a Macmull guitar it will not only sound amazing, but will feel like a whole new experience; one comparable only to finding a magical vintage guitar locked in a case for decades.