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Versoul Amps

Versoul specializes in the design and construction of high end string instruments and amplifiers for professional musicians.

Since the beginning of the company in 1994, the product range has broadened from two acoustic models in 1995 to over 50 production models in 2018. Versoul instruments are available internationally through dealers in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Each element of Versoul instruments, from the sound to the materials, technology and finish, is the result of a thorough research and development process. Innovation with materials serves many purposes. For example, certain species of rosewood and mahogany, traditionally used extensively in the construction of string instruments, are becoming scarce. Versoul builds instruments using local, ecological wood choices, such as aspen, European alder and maple from carefully selected sources. Versoul instruments have been used in hundreds of professional recordings and live performances over the years in Europe and in the USA. In addition to professional performing artists, musicians and guitar technicians, customers of Versoul include collectors, investors and guitar enthusiasts.