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Tone Revival Thunder Child

Tone Revival Thunder Child

available to order

Introducing the Thunder Child handcrafted electric guitar. A delicate sound of thunder echoes in the distance, rain is pouring outside. You pick up your dream guitar, plug it into the amp and fill the room with bell-like chimes, or perhaps a ferocious growl...


The Thunder Child handmade electric guitar was designed with a one-guitar, less-is-more philosophy in mind. The particular sound Tone Revival was looking for was the bell-like tone of a great electric guitar. They experimented with different pickup locations, different pickups and different designs. Eventually, they found the perfect formula which is a combination of a certain weight, their unique brass alloy for the hardware, scale length, types of wood, and of course the pickups. This Thunder Child was made to become your lifelong companion and to be the final solution to endless guitar hoarding (the obsessive acquisition of an endless number of not-quite-great guitars).

Tone Revival's less-is-more approach to guitar design is to some degree a reaction to the belief that old instruments sounds better. In reality, it was the way classic tracks were produced and these instruments were recorded that made them sound great, not to mention that a cumbersome battery of tone-obscuring effects was rarely used. The Thunder Child guitar was designed first and foremost to be a guitar that will sound superior with just one small amp. No enhancements, EQ, expensive mics, preamps, etc. - a guitar that will shine with standard equipment. The focus is on the real thing that makes instruments great.

Thinking beyond solid body guitars, the folks at Tone Revival were looking for an added acoustic tone - something that will reflect the total construction and materials of the instrument. Though the sound in an electric guitar is produced by an interference in the pickup's magnetic field some of the acoustic qualities of the instrument will influence the way the string vibrates. That is why all of Tone Revival's guitars are hollow body or semi-hollow body instruments. For the Thunder Child, they choose super lightweight cedar with a thin top for that purpose; for the neck, they chose their favorite lightweight Port Orford cedar with a ziricote fretboard.

Instead of the usual thick shiny finish coat all the unnecessary wood filler and lacquer was discarded and replaced with the ancient traditional Shou Sugi Ban technique. In this technique you actually scorch the top layer of the wood, clean it and finish it with a few layers of oil. That way you keep the natural look and feel of the wood and keep it as light and responsive as possible. This technique also exposes the wood grain which as a result creates something that is similar to a great vintage acoustic guitar.

One of the favorite pickups of the Tone Revival designers is the original 1950s lipstick with its simplistic design and great tone. Unfortunately, all of the aftermarket lipsticks being produced today are not identical to those that were made in the '50s. It took 6 months to find someone who could actually recreate the original pickups with the accurate specs. That person was Doug Tulloch. He is a Dano expert and uses the same accurate size magnet, the same Alnico 5 alloy, same way of winding directly on the magnet etc. Tone Revival has also experimented with different pickup output and discovered that the original 3.2-3.8k which is "weak" in modern terms sounds amazing. Tone Revival finds Doug Tulloch's lipstick pickups are the perfect compliment to the Thunder Child.

The Thunder Child guitar enables one to obtain a huge tone pallet from clean bell-like acoustic tone to classic overdriven luscious notes, classic guitar tones from the '50s (think about Link Wray) to '60s classic rock in the style of Rory Gallagher, early Zeppelin or the Stones. It is definitely not another '50s replica but rather a sonic piece of art. The folks at Tone Revival hope that these instruments will become your lifelong companion.

The Thunder Child custom guitar is offered with unique customization options such as hand engraved pickup covers. Please inquire.


- Body: light weight old growth red cedar
- Top: super responsive, lightweight old growth red cedar
- Neck: Port Orford cedar
- Fingerboard: rosewood/ziricote

- Neck thickness: 21mm (.825") @ 1st fret, 23.5mm (.925") @ 12th fret
- Nut material: bone/Graphtech TUSQ
- Nut width: 42mm
- Fret size: medium/high
- Scale length: Long scale, 25.5"
- Fingerboard radius: dead flat / 20" / 16" / 12"
- Neck joint: bolt on
- Neck profile: soft V shape
- Inlay: pearloid dots
- Truss rod: dual action
- Headstock: slotted

- Tailpiece/bridge: Tone Revival "Veloce" aged solid brass w/ Wilkinson adjustable compensated saddles
- Pickup covers: Tone Revival thick aged brass covers for improved shielding
- Jack plate: Tone Revival "Two Bearded Men" aged brass
- Neck plate: Tone Revival "Two Bearded Men" aged brass
- Toggle switch plate: Tone Revival "Jupiter" aged brass
- Knobs: Tone Revival "Broad-cast" aged brass
- Tuning machines: Golden Age Restoration/Waverly (+ $200)
- Strings: Rotosound .010-.046 (other gauges available on request)

- Pickups: Doug Tulloch custom lipsticks
- Potentiometers: CTS
- Capacitors: Orange Drops
- Toggle switch: Switchcraft 3-way
- Wiring: vintage harness, braided wire
- Jack: Switchcraft

- Body thickness: 43mm (1 11/16")
- Body length: 416mm (16 3/8")
- Body width: 327mm (12 7/8")
- Total length: 945mm (37 7/32")
- Weight: 2.25 kg / 5 lbs (yes- including strings!!!!)


- starting at $2,970.00