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Macmull Heartbreaker

Macmull Heartbreaker

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The growing demand for vintage guitars makes the Macmull team very happy; they truly admire the simple design of the first commercial electric guitar. Throughout the years, vintage guitars have become the weapon of choice for both studio and live work...


The growing demand for vintage guitars makes the Macmull team very happy; they truly admire the simple design of the first commercial electric guitar. Throughout the years, vintage guitars have become the weapon of choice for both studio and live work. Their ability to sound tight and cut through the muddiest mixes make them the most versatile guitar design ever created.

There are a lot of vintage reproductions and replicas currently on the market, so Macmull had to come up with something really special, something that would stand out from the others, something worthy of the title "The Heartbreaker." After many prototypes, studying every aspect of them, and trying out different types of wood, hardware and electronics, they created a guitar nothing short of magical.

Most will not admit it, but at Macmull the belief is that lighter wood is better sounding wood; more resonance, vibration, sharper attack, and perfect EQ right out of the box. Since they only use one piece of alder, they had to search for the lightest pieces. These are very risky to work with, since they are both very expensive and very dry. How light? Well, Macmull did something never done before - they use weight categories and weight limits. The lighter it is, the pricier it is; you can choose the right guitar for your needs and your budget.

Macmull has two weight groups: light and super-light. In the light group, you will not find a guitar weighing more than 3.4 kg (7.49 lbs). For the super-light group, Macmull offers an amazing 3.15 kg (6.94 lbs) limit. All Macmull guitar bodies are non-weight-relieved and made from one piece of old kiln-dried alder.

All necks are made from premium-grade maple. Straight-grained and whiter pieces are selected and prefered for their sonic advantages. Rift sawn maple is recommended for its mellower vibe and vintage texture. Although, quarter sawn is also an option.

Each neck is reinforced with a retro-style single-action truss rod, just like they used to make them in the '50s. Most manufacturers use the double-action truss rod, even on vintage replicas, yet a single truss rod will give you a better neck-body resonance, and you'll be able to feel that difference playing the Heartbreaker unplugged.

The original and unique style of the headstock of the Heartbreaker is a real gem; a straight-line design that fits the simple, classic mojo with a retro look resembling an acoustic guitar headstock from the '30s, painted in black. Vintage tuners with white plastic buttons and a silk-printed gold logo blend into a classic and elegant design.

Macmull uses Madagascar rosewood boards that were cut in the '50s, and waited 60 years just to be on the Heartbreaker neck. Super light, dried, and beautifully grained, these are a top choice for Macmull over any other fingerboard material. Fingerboard radius is 9.5" for comfort, rolled edges for vintage feel and comfort, Dunlop 6105 frets, extra polished and rolled to perfection.

One of Macmull's goals was to capture that midrange vocal-esque sound of the Broadcaster pickup. These pickups are less treble-y, and really sound thick and harmonic. After painstaking trial and error, the Macmull team came up with nothing less than a thrilling pickup sound unlike any other. They decided to go with the Alnico 3 magnets to get that flat EQ sound they are famous for. Alnico 3 magnets are not as strong as the Alnico 2 and 5, and the result is a very unique-sounding pickup that will take you to that midrange era of tone.

All Macmull guitars come with CTS pots (highest grade) and Paper-In-Oil caps.

The Heartbreaker is finished with a dark burst pure nitro recipe that extends towards the neck joint, inspired by the vintage acoustic bursts of the '30s. Beautiful binding separate the top from the dark tobacco back and sides.


- Body material: one-piece lightweight alder
- Body binding: top bound, aged white
- Pickguard: tortoise

- Neck material: one piece premium maple
- Neck shape: oval C
- Frets: 21, Dunlop 6105
- Fingerboard: old Madagascar rosewood
- Fingerboard radius: 9.5"
- Truss rod: single action, one way
- Dots: clay
- Nut: bone
- Scale length: 25.5"

- Tuners, 6 in-line, classic Gotoh Japan
- Bridge: classic T-classic, custom spring saddles
- Knobs: classic top hat + pointers
- Strap button: vintage

- Pickups: Macmull HBIII set
- Pickup covers: raw nickel silver
- Pots: CTS, volume & tone
- Caps: paper in oil

- Finish: nitrocellulose laquer
- Case: Hiscox (G&G optional)
- Strings: D'addario .10 NYXL
- Strap: Macmull handmade leather


- Heartbreaker Light (under 7.49 lbs) w/ maple fingerboard: $4,500.00
- Heartbreaker Light (under 7.49 lbs) w/ Madagascar rosewood fingerboard: $4,800.00
- Heartbreaker Superlight (under 7.05 lbs) w/ maple fingerboard: $6,300.00
- Heartbreaker Superlight (under 7.05 lbs) w/ Madagascar rosewood fingerboard: $6,600.00