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Versoul Combo

Versoul Combo
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It's the practice amp that will keep you playing, honing your chops and advancing your sound. It’s the perfect recording amp. Performing in an intimate setting? It's got all the punch you'll need, and with a terrific tonal range to boot...


"Everything about the Versoul Combo is first-class, including its hand-wired point-to-point construction, blue anodized aluminum chassis, bronze-finished front and back control panels, Finnish spruce cabinet shell, and high-end components, like paper-in-oil resistors. The Versoul delivered a bewitching range of silky cleans and soft compression, with a strong emphasis in the mids courtesy of the alnico speaker. With the gain control turned up, the amp dispensed crystalline bite with a smattering of overdrive for ballsy crunch. The Versoul Combo exhibits versatility both as a home and recording amp, but also packs a great deal of tonal punch for a low-wattage amp - incredibly dynamic and touch-sensitive." -- GUITAR AFICIONADO, March 2016

It's the practice amp that will keep you playing, honing your chops and advancing your sound. It’s the perfect recording amp. Performing in an intimate setting? It's got all the punch you'll need, and with a terrific tonal range to boot.

Looks count, too, and Versoul's Combo Amp offers a classy appearance that will definitely turn heads. You get a choice of the classic black leather look or, making a unique regional statement, an exterior of Arctic salmon skin.

If this amp punches beyond its wattage weight, credit goes in part to the Finnish spruce cabinet shell which both focuses and opens its sound. The timbral palette at your fingertips is impressively broad, starting with the colours offered by the Gain and Tremolo features.

Experimenting with a range of preamp tubes will also alter tonal variety, from nuanced jazz warmth to screaming distortion. An abundance of features--Recording Out jack, Extra Speaker jack, etc.--are available for exploration and are detailed in the specifications for this amp.

Suffice it to say that the Versoul Combo is a highly versatile gem that embodies the loving attention to detail that's a Versoul hallmark, right down to its hand-pressed and cut corner legs and leather pipings.

The Versoul Combo is rated at about 4 watts and is equipped with a single 10" Celestion Alnico Gold element. A single 12" Celestion Alnico Blue will fit also in the same shell, though a front opening will not be used on the front grille. However when Gain is added the rating will be about 5-6 watts. The amp functions as class A with a possibility to change a rectifier tube: 5Y3 or GZ34 (5AR4) or 5U4 or 5U4GB without bias adjustments.

PLEASE NOTE: 5U4G tube can not used on Versoul Combo, because of high heater current requirement of that tube type; it may harm the amp. The rectifier tube feeds electricity to the preamp, power and tremolo tubes and therefore is a major factor in how the amp will sound. Tube 5Y3 has a sweeter sound but breaks more easily. Tube GZ34 (5AR4) has more headroom and has bigger sound. Tube 5U4GB's sound character is between of 5Y3 and GZ34.

The power tube is a single EL84 (the tube is known from many old Vox ampliers). Pre amp tubes are EF86 and 12AX7. There is an option to use five different preamp tubes for different gain levels at the 12A tube base, again without any bias adjustments; from 12AX7, 12AY7, 12AT7 ja 12AU7 and also 5751 for the desired gain level. The 12AX7 is the most powerful with a gain factor of 100%. The 5751 is second, with a gain factor of 70%. The 12AT7 is third, with a gain factor of 60%. The 12AY7 is fourth, with a gain factor of 45% and the 12AU7 is fifth, with a gain factor of 19% You do not need a fuzz box with this amp, since there is a choice of insane All Tube Distortion, especially when an 12AX7 is used.

Harmonic Tremolo with Speed & Depth controls: harmonic tremolo means that signal is tube fed, which creates a three-dimensional effect. In addition there is a Recording (Line) Out jack and Recording (Line) Level pot on back panel plus an Extra Speaker jack.

The sturdy blue anodized Versoul aluminium chassis is 2 mm thick aluminium (US 12 Gauge 0.0808 inch) with welded joints. Included are custom aluminium Versoul pot knobs, selected high-end parts, like Jupiter Vintage Tone and Audyn capacitors. There are golden brown anodized aluminium front and back control panels with laser engraved texts, Versoul hand pressed and cut leather corner legs and leather pipings, and a leather handle. The cabinet is a solid Finnish spruce shell with thin plywood front and back panels and a semi-open construction which creates a thick, focused and open sound.


- Input jack
- Input level high/low switch
- Volume control
- Tone control
- Tremolo speed
- Tremolo depth
- Gain/off switch
- Gain volume

- Power switch
- Power cord jack with fuse
- Switch for 230 volts to 115 volts
- HT Fuse
- Extra speaker jack, 8 ohms
- Recording level control
- Recording out jack
- Tremolo and gain switch jack for pedal


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