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Glaswerks Super Overdrive II

Glaswerks Super Overdrive II

available to order

This amp takes everything learned from the Super Overdrive and refines it...


This amp takes everything learned from the Super Overdrive and refines it.

Cliff at Destroy All Guitars wants to give a very special mention to the Glaswerks SOD II, DAG’s top pick of all modern, full featured, multi-channel amps. If you’re looking for that elusive “D” tone, plus lots more, you need not look any further!

- Independent OD channels with all controls on the front panel.
- OD non-stack controls: drive, OD volume, adjustable hit cut control (can be bypassed) and unique Vari Bass control that allows for "tweaking" the bass content of the non-stack mode. Rear mounted trim control for non-stack channel.
- OD stack channel has drive, OD volume, treble, middle and bass controls, and rear mounted trim control
- New no-load reverb circuit featuring dual reverb controls, one for clean mode and one for OD mode. The reverb can be totally switched out of the circuit.
- Buffered effects loop, tube driven, can be totally bypassed by rear panel switch.
- Non-buffered insert jacks on the back of the amp allow for use of external active loops.
- 5 button footswitch: Clean/OD switch, tone stack boost, OD select (stack or non-stack channel), mid boost and loop control.

- Santa Cruz has brighter tone with less gain and the notes have a fuzziness in OD mode. Santa Cruz is modelled after early ODS amps and is best in non-stack mode.
- Desert Sky has more gain, more focused upper mids and a very tight bass response. It is modelled after the '80s ODS amps and is very usable in both stack and non-stack modes. The tone stack boost has roll-off below 800 hertz, reducing the mud factor when it is enabled.
- AZ Bluesman has more bass attack, but softer. The bass control center is approximately 130 hertz (as compared to 80 hertz for the Desert Sky) with more bass bloom and shifted mid scoop (800hertz), giving it more lower mids and less upper mids. Tone stack boost is virtually ruler flat so there is a lot of everything. Works best in stack mode with the boost enabled, but also works well in non-stack mode as long as the boost is off. AZ Bluesman is modelled after the later '90s ODS amps.
- De Leo: Think Fender Twin on steroids. It has chimey cleans and scooped mids with a nice, clean bottom end.
- Custom voicings are available.


- 100W SOD II, Dealer Standard (includes dual voice option, bright on clean option and varidamp option): $4,480.20

- 50W SOD II (no options): $3,933.00
- 100W SOD II (no options): $4,161.00

- Dual voice option: $210 extra
- Bright on clean only option: $34.20 extra
- VariDamp control: $74.10 extra
- FET Preamp: $199.50 extra
- Combo version: $490.20 extra
- Tolex/grill: options based on availability, some require a small upcharge: inquire for pricing
- EL34 vs 6L6: inquire for pricing