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Fat Jimmy Jefferson 100

Fat Jimmy Jefferson 100
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The Fat Jimmy Jefferson 100 is a great two channel 100 watt head with deep roots in the Fender world, without being stuck in a particular era. Essentially a hybrid, it is a very articulate amplifier...


The Fat Jimmy Jefferson 100 was designed to deliver 'Big Clean' in vintage Fender style. It gives the blackface Fender player everything they expect and love about the 100w Fender amplifiers, but it also gives you a lot more. This is no blackface clone! Fat Jimmy draws upon highlights from many Fender eras to construct this 100 watt tone machine. The second channel has a traditional blackface style preamp which has a very distinct and recognizable sonic signature. The first channel features a tweed style preamp which gives you a thicker, more aggressive option with more midrange emphasis and slightly earlier breakup. The Jimmy control works for both channels.

Fat Jimmy has addressed the relative issues typically associated with the blackface Fender circuits. They have addressed the 'ice-pick' highs and loose or flubby bottom end. The bright switch is much more subtle and useable. The attack is solid without being harsh. The clean sustain and note blossom is well beyond what is delivered by your typical blackface Fender style circuit.

As with every Fat Jimmy amplifier, the feel and response is intuitive. Fat Jimmy amplifiers are designed to be instruments unto themselves - a true extension of the player.


- 4 x 6L6 power tubes
- Solid state rectifier
- 12AX7, 12AX7, 12AT7 preamp
- 2 inputs per channel

- Ch 1 Tweed preamp: bright sw, volume, treble, bass
- Ch 2 Blackface preamp: bright sw, volume, treble, middle, bass