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Louis Electric Columbia Reverb

Louis Electric Columbia Reverb
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The Columbia Reverb is a 6V6-based, single 12" combo. It is the result of requests from longstanding customers to build a series of amps to emulate the beautiful sounds of the pre-CBS blackface amplifiers...


The Louis Electric Blackline Amps are in stock and it’s our opinion that Louis has gone far and above the call of duty in regard to creating the finest Blackface style amps one could hope for. The tone of the Columbia Reverb is so big, thick and rich, I liken it to a Blackface milkshake. The Deltone Reverb is that one in a million Deluxe that many spend a lifetime searching for and the Evertone Reverb could easily be classified as a WMD in the fight for superior tone. The Columbia Reverb has become my personal No. 1 Grab ‘N Go. Its clean tones are beautiful beyond description, as are those of all the models in this series. Congratulations are in order for Lou as he has recreated all that was great about the Blackface amps of the '60s and has made them available to anyone yearning for those magnificent tones. - Cliff

It’s with great excitement and pride that Destroy All Guitars announces the arrival of the Louis Electric Blackline Series. DAG and Louis Electric have teamed up to bring to you the finest sounding “Grab and Go” medium to mid powered Blackface style combo amps made today. Ranging in weight from 32 to 40 lbs, depending on the speaker configuration, and ranging in output power from 18 to 35 watts each, depending on whether you’re running 6V6s or 6L6s, these little darlings produce the most glorious vintage Blackface tones to be heard today.

The Blackline series is comprised of three models, the Columbia Reverb and the Deltone Reverb which run single 12” speakers, and the Evertone Reverb which runs two 10” speakers. Hand built to the highest standards, with the serious working musician in mind, no expense has been spared to insure that you can rely on your Blackline to deliver the finest Blackface tones at every gig and session for years to come. One look at the build quality, both inside and out, let’s you know that you’re in for the experience of a lifetime.

With the Columbia Reverb at $2,395, the Deltone Reverb at $2,495 and the Evertone Reverb at $2,695 they are priced within the budget of today’s working musician and within reach of most all other serious players.

The Columbia Reverb is a 6V6-based, single 12" combo. It is the result of requests from longstanding customers to build a series of amps to emulate the beautiful sounds of the pre-CBS blackface amplifiers.

The Columbia Reverb is a single channel amplifier. The Transformers have been modified to a bigger lamination so you can run the stock 6V6 or change it out to a 6L6 for more output power. The original blackface Princeton amp did not have a middle control, but we decided to add one to give the player more control of his sound and to add a richness to the tone that we found lacking in the original. The player also has an option of simply unplugging the speaker cable and plugging it into a 4k load for a cleaner sound or switching to an 8k jack for a bit of crunch and a volume drop.


- Output power: 18 to 30 watts
- 1 channel / 2 input
- Speakers: Celestion G12H 30
- Speaker load: 8 ohms (settings for 8k and 4k load)
- Controls: volume, treble, bass, middle, reverb, speed, intensity
- Tubes: 2 6L6GC / 6V6 3 12AX7s 1 12AT7 1 5AR4
- Dimensions: 18" 1/2 x 20" x 10"
- Weight: 30 lbs

- Bias settings: 30 to 40 miliamps of plate current w/ meter in series w/plate
- Phenolic board material (moisture free)
- Hand selected caps and resistors
- Custom designed hand built transformers
- Phenolic tube sockets
- Switchcraft and Carling input jacks and switches
- High quality machine grade fasteners


- $2,695.00