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The Tennessee based guitar maker - Guitar Mill, has officially announced that their custom shop division, formerly known as "Guitar Mill Custom Shop," will now be named after master builder / owner and founder - Mario Martin. The name change to Mario Guitars was made due to overwhelming feedback from customers, dealers, and fellow industry friends. Speaking out as well are potential customers, who felt the name on the headstock, "Guitar Mill," somewhat distracted from the obvious high end quality of the guitars.

Mario Martin started Guitar Mill in 2005, and it has since been a top shelf supplier of premium guitar bodies, necks and finishes for some of the best known names in the guitar industry. The Guitar Mill Custom Shop was formed in 2009, as a response to a growing number of requests for fully built custom guitars. The Guitar Mill Custom Shop guitars currently have Mario's signature on the back of every headstock. Only now, the signature will take a prominent place on the front of every headstock, accentuating the boutique quality of every guitar.

"We've come a long way in a relatively short time" says Mario Martin. "We will continue to completely build everything in house, and our focus will remain of course, on quality not quantity."

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