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Mikaël Springer's workshop is located in a small village in Lorraine County in France, near the German and Luxembourgish border. There he build electric guitars by hand, starting from the first design step together with the player to the final setup. The final instrument is nothing less than the result of an intense and permanent dialogue between the luthier and the musician.

In order to provide the best possible quality in electric lutherie, Springer pays particular attention to selecting only the best available materials. He only uses extremely reliable hardware and electronic components, pickups from the best manufacturers, and last but not least handpicked and seasoned tonewoods.

Starting with the Seraph and the Infinity models, Springer's designs are meant to be customized and adapted to the player's needs and taste. Thus different tonewoods, hardware components, pickups, controls layout, colours, etc. can be combined, making each guitar a unique masterpiece.

Springer Guitars--Because the best guitar in the world is the one that has been made for you.

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