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Skervesen Guitars

The Skervesen team makes the guitars they always wanted to have, and as such, their instruments are the result of true passion. Skervesen is a true custom shop of handmade guitars offering 15+ years of experience in building guitars. They are a group of guitar enthusiasts in the truest sense who offer a whole variety of guitar and bass models that can be customized for you.

Skervesen guitars can be customized in terms of wood specification, mixing body and headstock designs, hardware - meaning 6-string classics up to 10-string fanned frets baritones, headless and bass guitars. The common feature of all Skervesen guitars is top notch quality.

Utilizing computer-aided design, and CNC machining, which enable precision and perfect repeatability, Skervesen is a company at the absolute forefront of guitar production technoogy.

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