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Beardsel Guitars

Al Beardsell is a guitarmaker who thinks differently (so you don't have to). And he never stops innovating. Whether it's a hand-crafted individually cast tailpiece, hand-wound pickup, or multi-scale fan frets, every Beardsell is unique.

Al is always thinking about what will sound better, be more of a pleasure to play, be aesthetically more beautiful. He's imagining the instrument as a transparent interface, lifting any obstacles in the way between what you hear in your head and what you can play.

"All the experimental things worked; together, they did something amazing! — they were all in service to the sound and the playability, all about my interaction with the instrument." -- Henry Kaiser, Fretboard Journal

Al is a master luthier with over 25 years as a maker, and more than 35 years as a musician, so you can bet he's got a good handle on what works and what doesn't. He’s earned glowing profiles in Acoustic Guitar Magazine and The Fretboard Journal, and a growing list of satisfied customers that includes folk-punk darlings The Weakerthans, contemporary jazz luminary Henry Kaiser, and the legendary late Lou Reed, among others.

"It's hard to find the words. Yes, it's a work of art. The wood, the detail, the finish, all gorgeous. The asymmetrical neck section is super comfortable; plays like a dream, very comfortable. It's light-weight and resonant and the sound is orchestral." -- Michael Forbes, musician and owner of a Beardsell guitar

When you are playing a Beardsell guitar you are holding tradition and playing an instrument that you can apply your imagination to. It's the instrument that will bring your creative ideas to life.

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