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Look, feel and tone of the early solidbody electric guitars from the 1950s.

Nacho Banos is the author of The Blackguard Book, which is the definitive bible of Fender Blackguard Telecasters - an unbelievable resource for all the info anyone could possibly want on this revered instrument. To say Nacho is truly passionate about vintage guitars is an understatement. He loves the way they look, feel and sound and works hard to achieve these qualities on his newly built instruments. Nacho applies old school techniques to make every guitar feel like an old friend, different and unique. His finishing and aging processes are meant to make a guitar feel like a vintage workhorse that's been played every day for over 60 years. All materials are selected according to vintage specs and they are meticulously treated to replicate the passing of time.

They say God lives in the details. Nacho Banos believes it only takes a few details to set apart an outstanding instrument from a correct one, and he strive to get those details right.