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iVee Guitars

Resonator and metal body guitars, handmade with precision and passion at heart.

Ivan Mulia's love of blues music and deep interest in the resonator guitar, especially the metal body, which is hard to find in his home country of Indonesia, inspired him to start making his own instruments in 2009. Ivan's job in an aluminum casting workshop for more than 10 years led him to develop techniques that are entirely unique in the world of guitar-making.

One of the unique things about iVee guitars is the floral etching on the whole body, which often draws from Indonesian traditions such as batik and songket. Technical calculation blended with artisanship and deep culture is a hallmark of his work.

Ivan appreciates the guitar as a sacred instrument and prefers to produce instruments one-at-a-time arther than in mass quantities. His work is produced in earnest. "The more I have learnt, the more I feel I know nothing. Innovation is not something that happens instantly."