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Verrilli S Style Mahogany 3 Hum

Verrilli S Style Mahogany 3 Hum

available to order

In Frank Verrilli's words:"Here is another of my 3 humbucker guitars, which like my others allows you to explore all the ranges of humbucker sounds, and still get a single coil sound when you want it..."


Here is another one of Frank Verrilli's S style guitars with custom wound Fralin 3 humbuckers (neck and middle tapable - unbuckers) giving a total of 11 different positions.
This is the first one Verrilli has made in this model with a mahogany body and a maple neck. Frank really enjoys experimenting with different types of construction for unique aesthetic reasons and to get different tonal qualities. With these woods there is a slightly brighter/cleaner tone versus the alder body and non-maple necks. This can be helpful when in the neck position and in full humbucking mode, especially if you're using higher gain, to  help cut through the mix better. Another advantage with all Verrilli's 3 humbucker models is how you can really exploit the dynamics - putting the settings on the amp higher and having the volume lower on the guitar. It's good to start off in single coil mode and push down to humbucking mode (often in the middle of a solo, while bending a note or creating vibrato) to hit that sweet spot on your amp where there is more sustain and have it bloom into great sounding feedback.
The mahogany on this guitar has gorgeous grain and some great aging.


- Body: one piece genuine mahogany
- Neck: one piece maple
- Neck shape: medium C
- Fretboard radius: 12"
- Frets: jumbo

- Pickups: custom wound Fralin unbuckers neck/middle, Fralin humbucker bridge
- Splitable neck/middle pickups yeild total of 11 p/u selections
- Finish: natural thin nitro with aging


- $2,300.00