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Mario Tennessee Orange Paulownia T

Mario Tennessee Orange T

available to order

Model: T-Style, Body: paulownia, Neck: quartersawn AAAA maple, Nut material: bone, Nut width: 1.650”, Fret size: 6105, Fingerboard radius: 9.50”...


At DAG, each artist we represent is with us because we feel that they have a special skill or create a specific model or product that is superior to all others in its class. With Mario, it is his vintage reproductions of the Strat styles of the '50s and '60s that we feel have that extra mojo worthy of attention. We also place great value in his ultralight T-style guitars which although not being vintage correct in regard to construction, produce tones that most musicians would spend a lifetime as well as a fortune in money trying to secure. Mario is a master luthier with a set of golden ears and regardless of whether it’s his S or T style or his T-Master or Serpentine, you can be assured that you are purchasing a masterfully built, magnificent sounding instrument that plays with the greatest of ease.


- Model: T-Style
- Body: paulownia
- Neck: quartersawn AAAA maple
- Nut material: bone
- Nut width: 1.650”
- Fret size: 6105
- Fingerboard radius: 9.50”
- Neck shape: chunky ‘C’ (.860” @ 1st fret / .930” @ 12th fret)
- Top/side dots: black
- Strings: D’Addario NYXL .010-.046
- Tuners: staggered Gotoh Kluson style
- Pickguard: gold anodized aluminum

- Hardware: chrome w/ Gotoh chrome 6 saddle bridge
- Pickups: Lindy Fralin custom MM set (stock Tele neck 2% overwound / Blues Special Tele bridge 10%)
- Electronics: 4 way switching, CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, Orange Drop cap., vintage cloth wire
- Finish: nitrocellulose
- Body color: Tennessee orange
- Neck color: vintage amber tint
- Accessories included: deluxe hardshell case and Certificate of Authenticity / dated & hand signed by Mario Martin
- Weight of guitar: 5 lbs. 06 oz.


Comments received on Mario T Style guitars
“My Mario Tele style is the shit! I have played Fender CS, GVCG, Danocaster, you name it – and the Mario tele beats them all in sound, weight, and looks. Keep up the great work!!” - Jeffrey T.

“Your relic T styles are to die for! So what is your technique for getting the stress cracks in your finish? Very nicely done and extremely believable. Probably the best I've seen. Oh and the nicks are artwork” - Brent G.

“For Teles there is no one you guys compete with. Awesome! The best! It is unbelievable how you guys finish a guitar!!!!!!!” - Kenneth C.

“I gotta did you simulate the temperature checking? All the other builders guitars look like they used a compressed air spray can, and the checking is all uneven 'spider webbing.”' Mario, your finish checking looks REAL!!!” - Mark D.

“All other Tele builders need to take lessons from you Mario!” - Jordan D.

“Played one of your Teles today at a guitar center - all I can say is AMAZING! Love how you offer NON-RELICS as well as the beat up ones!” - Hayden S.


- $2,699.00